Monday, December 11, 2006

My Favorite Things

1. My current favorite song is:
Oh, Holy Night - Martina McBride
non-Christmas - Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood

2. The last book I read was:
Becoming the Woman of His Dreams - Sharon Jaynes

3. The last book I bought was:
A Thomas the Tank Engine book for a Christmas gift

4. The last cd I bought was:
ABBA Greatest hits

5. Another CD I wanted but didn't buy is:
one of the "WOW" CDs but don't remember which one.

6. Right now, I'm wearing:
jeans and a green Ulitmate t-shirt from Target

7. The last gift I bought was:
digital photo frames for my mom and the in-laws

8. The last time I laughed heartily and loudly:
reading the "innocent things children say" thread on the NSBR forum

9. My favorite holiday ornament is:
the decoupaged candy cane I made in Kindergarden (in 1975 - yikes!)

10. My house smells like:
dirty laundry - gotta get on that

11. The first thing on my to-do list tomorrow is:
mail my Secret Santa gift!

12. If I could sit on Santa's lap and believe that he'd bring me whatever toy I wished for, I'd ask for:
A clean house! ...if only... oh, that's not a toy is it?? Then a Wishblade!

13. If I could holiday shop in ONE store, all expenses paid, I'd shop at:
Best Buy

14. If an angel alighted on my doorstep today and said, "I'm here to grant a Christmas wish," I'd wish for:
A clean house - oh wait, I already asked for that... well, I think I would ask for a trip to Disney for my family.

15. When I see a bell ringer while out shopping, I:
let the kids drop in money, otherwise I smile and continue on my way. I've usually already donated through the mail.

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