Monday, November 20, 2006

Things you love A to Z

A - autumn and apple pie (hot, with ice cream please)
B - baby feet - just gotta kiss 'em every time I see 'em!
C - caramel apples and hot cocoa - with mini marshmallows
D - do nothing days when you can stay in your jammies until bedtime
E - Easter egg dying, getting your fingers all mulit-colored
F - friends - the ones who know the "real" you and love you anyway
G- gifts - getting and giving them, but giving them more
H - Harry Connick, Jr. - LOVE to hear him sing...
I - icicles - long, clear, drippy ones
J - jeans - comfy, casual, broken in
K - kisses - especially the wet sloppy ones from my 15 month old
L - laughing - big, laugh 'til you wet your pants laughter
M - movies - the popcorn, the candy, snuggling up with my hubby in the dark
N - napping babies!
O - opening presents on Christmas morning - paper and tissue everywhere!
P - Paul, of course, and puppy breath - so sweet
Q - quiet mornings before the kids are awake
R - red roses - or roses of any color, really
S - sleeping in with my hubby, scrapbooking and ScrapShare
T - taking a long, hot bubble bath - uninterruped if possible
U - under the covers reading a book when you're supposed to be asleep
V - vacations! seeing new places, getting away from the daily routine
W - words of enouragement
X - x-rays! it's soooo cool to see what's inside there
Z - zoo trips - I love seeing all the animals

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