Monday, February 25, 2008

Words that the mother of a 2.5 year old never wants to hear...

"I fix it..."

This kid (John) has a fascination with drawer pulls. He comes to me in the kitchen with that sheepish look on his face and tells me "I fix it." "You fix it?" I ask. "I fix it" he replies and holds his little hand out (like telling me to stop). I pry the lost drawer pull out of his other hand, and head off to the living room to find out where it came from. I should be thankful that it's just a drawer pull. It's been worse...

"I clean it..." just sends chills up my spine and all those little hairs on the back of my neck stand at attention.

I shared this story with my ScrapShare Sisters and they added other "never want to hear" phrases that are equally as spine-tingling: (names removed to protect the innocent)

* "Uh OHHHHhhhhh!" Especially when the child is in the bathroom or kitchen when saying this!

* The ultimate fear is "uh oh" followed by a flush.

* How about a crash upstairs followed by, "I didn't do anything!"

* or the corollary: the crash followed by, "I'm OK!"

* How about a 6-year old who comes in and says, "I cooked you breakfast all by myself!"

* Usually at my house, the crash is followed by, "Sissy did it!"

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