Monday, March 20, 2006

Sugar Wafers

My son has discovered Sugar Wafers. James' preschool class had them for a snack last week, and when I picked him up, it was all he could talk about.

James: "Mom, we had these cookie things for snacks. They are sugar -- something."

So after a brief 4 year old's attempt at a description, I figured it out. We used to have them quite often as our Sunday School snack, but they never made this much of an impression...

James: "Mom, can we go to the store and buy some Sugar Wafers????"
Me: "Well, I just went to the store, but the next time I go, I promise I'll get some." I seem to go a couple of times a week, so the wait wouldn't be long.

The next day, when I pick him up - "Did you go to the store today?" No, I just went yesterday. "When are you going to the store?" I don't know, but when I do, I promise I'll get the Sugar Wafers. The next morning - "Are you going to the store today?" {sigh} This goes on all week.

Finally, Sunday afternoon, Amanda and I head to the store. As I'm getting into the van, James pokes his head out of the back door to yell, "Don't forget the Sugar Wafers!" It's a good thing he did, 'cause I forgot to put them on the list. Down the cookie aisle we go to search out the beloved Sugar Wafers. I got the biggest bag of Sugar Wafers they had. Now, if you're familiar with this particular confection, you'll know that they are usually packaged with 3 flavors/colors per package - orange, pink and brown. I don't know if they are actually supposed to be flavored, because they all taste the same to me - vanilla. But to a 4 year old, color is terribly important. In Sunday School, James always requested the orange, but would only eat pink if there were no other options, and brown was never chosen. So, I get the orange-only bag.

At home, he practically knocks me down, "Did you get the Sugar Wafers???" Yes, honey, I did. They just happened to be in their own sack, and he yanks them out, and says (dejectedly), "Where are the pink and brown ones?" Oh. My. Word.
Well, honey, you don't like the pink and brown ones, do you? "No." Well, that's why I didn't buy those. "Oh. OK." Then he bounces off happily into the house to dig in.

I guess this touches me because every time I eat Sugar Wafers I'm reminded of my grandparent's house. My Granny always had these when we visited. Orange was my favorite "color".

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